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A Spirituality of Love and Prayer

Spirituality probably has as many definitions as there are people using the word.  For some, spirituality is composed of religious observances or ritual, while for others spirituality has its roots in what many would call "mystical" experience.  While we may not be able to be able to commit to a "perfect" definition of spirituality, we can generally say that spirituality is the connection between self, others, the world, and, at the pinnacle, God.

The Christian person, however, knows that spirituality is the connection between a person and God, both individually and in communion with others.  This connection for us is made by the reconciling and saving acts of Jesus Christ himself and is fostered as free gift of the Holy Spirit.

Oratorians experience their Benedictine spirituality as a spirituality of love and prayer - moved by the love flowing from the Sacred Heart of Jesus and formed by the rhythm of prayer that is called the "Divine Office" or "Liturgy of the Hours," in the Benedictine tradition.  To live this out, we build our life together on four spiritual pillars.


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